Why Choose Augie Doggy for Your Dog’s Needs?

Why Choose Augie Doggy?

Augie Doggy was built due to the passion for cats and dogs of its owners, Jackie and Barry. Unlike other pet stores online, it set apart as it offers a wonderful experience for pet parents and furry friends alike. The owners of Augie Doggy believe that dogs and cats are family and also deserve to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. That is the reason why they hire and train their Pack Members to provide exceptional customer service and to be the best educators.

Augie Doggy only offers natural pet services such as dog grooming and products that are always of high standards and quality with strong emphasis on Canadian foods. Their grooming salon also represents the highest standards in the market. They provide a safe, relaxing, and clean experience for all dogs and cats out there.

What to Know about the Products Being Offered at Augie Doggy

When compared to other pet stores, Augie Doggy specializes only in holistic and natural pet food, treats, and supplements. They also have a broad range of unique leashes and collars, beauty and health supplies, fun toys, beds, crates, training tools, and so much more.

Augie Doggy believes that through offering a wider and unique selection of healthy pet foods, supplies, and accessories that encompass high standard in pet care, dog owners or pet parents can easily make informed decisions for the well-being and overall health condition of their cherished pets.

Augie Doggy and Its Nutritional Services

Augie Doggy knows that as a pet owner, you have questions regarding what’s best for the nutrition and health of your pets. More often than not, your first step is searching for answers over the internet. Well, the internet world can be a great resource for helpful information as it enables seamless and easy exchange information. Unfortunately, while viewing information online, one may get buried easily in contradicting views as well as possible misinformation.

Rather than wasting your valuable time, why not choose Augie Doggy? It has a team of experts for pet care and can provide you the answers and guidance you need to ensure that your pets will get the best possible nutrition that they deserve and suitable for their unique needs.

Why Choose Augie Doggy for Your Pet’s Grooming Services?

Augie Doggy provides the best grooming experience for your dog. They boast on giving the best and quality grooming services, a range of outstanding products and equipment for your dogs. Other than that, they always prioritize safety for your pets to ensure that you and your pet will have a great time and enjoy a wonderful experience.

Augie Doggy offers expert dog grooming of every breed and can do different cuts and styles. They have trained groomers who only use TLC and patience when grooming pets of any size and breed. You can be assured that your pet is in skilled, competent, and caring hands. Augie Doggy treats all pets as if they’re their own. If you want to consider and try the grooming services of Augie Doggy, you can book in advance.