Choosing the Right Breed of Dog

Choosing the Right Breed of Dog

When you are looking to add a dog to your family there are hundreds of different breeds that you can choose from and getting the right dog that will become part of your family is essential.  Even knowing all the different breeds let alone choosing the right breed of dog seems like a huge task.  However you can narrow down your choices and find a breed that will fit with your lifestyle, making finding a pup that much easier.  Let’s look at what you need to consider.

Your Space

The amount of space you have for a dog should be a big consideration when it comes to choosing your dog.  It is cruel to have a big active dog cooped up in an apartment all day, not to mention your neighbors won’t like you much either.  Apartment dwellers can still have a dog but you should choose one of the smaller breeds like Yorkies or French Bulldogs.  Bear in mind as well the cost of feeding a dog.  A breed like a Mastiff or a Great Dane are going to go through tons of food and it can get expensive. 

Your Family Size

Do you want a dog that is a companion for you or one that will be a companion for your children?  Not all dogs have the disposition to deal with children and small kids aren’t always good with very delicate animals.  Choose a dog that will best suit the size and ages of your family. 

The Energy Level of Your Dog

Different breeds need different levels of exercise some have lots of energy and others need just a couple of walks for bathroom breaks.  Again, space will be a factor, if you have a high energy dog then you need a reasonable sized yard for them to run around it.  You also need to consider how much time you want to spend exercising your dog, do you want a dog you can take running with you or one that needs minimal walks. 


Dogs like poodles and yorkies need regular trips to the groomer whereas a whippet needs minimal grooming.  This another factor that you really need to consider when choosing a breed.  Choosing a dog is a big commitment and when you’re looking at puppies they are all adorable.  You need to look at the bigger picture and choose a dog that will blend into your household.