How to Make Your Own Dog Food

How to Make Your Own Dog Food

Store bought dog food is quick and easy,you pop open a can and plop it into your dog’s bowl and you’re done.  Nothing could be easier and store bought dog food is relatively cheap to buy.  Seems like a great idea…right?  It is until you read about recalls and dogs getting sick from commercial food that was tainted.  Now you have to rethink the whole idea of quick and easy.  As it turns out, making your own dog food isn’t neither hard nor particularly time consuming.  Here’s how you can get started.

What dogs can and can’t eat

Before you start throwing things into a blender you need to know what ingredients dogs can and can’t have.  There are lots of foods that humans love but are harmful to dogs.  You can’t just throw the leftovers from your supper into the dog’s bowl and call it a day, you could end up with a very sick puppy. Before you start making your own food take the time to watch the following video on things dogs cannot eat.

Making the Transition

Dogs can have pretty sensitive stomachs so you should transition slowly from canned food to homemade food.  The last thing you want to have to do is clean up dog vomit…or worse.  Read the ingredients in the dog food and start with the meat, if it contains chicken then mix it with some cooked chicken that you made.  Gradually increase the ratio of food that you cooked with less canned food. 


Dogs have pretty specific nutritional needs which include a lot of protein; in fact roughly half their diet is going to be protein.  They also need a fair amount of fat, so don’t try and feed the dog exactly like you eat.  Stick to roughly 50% protein, 25% fat and the rest should be carbs.  The bulk of their food will be meat but you can add in brown rice and vegetables like carrots and squash. 


There are a ton of recipes for dog food all over the internet, but ideally stick to what your dog is used to eating.  Store bought food is usually made with lamb,beef or chicken sticking with the same things will keep your dog happy.  Try and use as many natural ingredients as you can without a ton of preservatives or salts in them.  Food that you make has a much shorter shelf life than canned or bagged food so don’t cook too much at once or you will end up throwing it out.